Build an MVP for your startup for $500

Mobile Application
Helping you build your mobile apps for IOS or Android and release them to the stores
Web Application
Creating websites or web applications to reach your customers on the Internet
Different integrations
We implement a wide range of integrations, including Chat GPT, Zapier, and many more

Who we are

Accelerate your journey from concept to MVP with our no-code/low-code approach. We're the commitment-free tech ally for early stage non-technical startup founders and their stakeholders.

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Our services

Collaborate with our team in short, budget-friendly phases, starting from just one hour. Maintain complete control over your spending
Need a sounding board for your ideas? Start with creative brainstorming and ideation.
– Brainstorming for innovative solutions
– Developing hypothesis
– Defining MVP scope
Solution Design
Transition from concept to reality with a dedicated scoping session to map out your project.
– Crafting wireframes
– Generating Customer Journey Map and User Stories
– Selecting the right technology.
UX/UI Design
Elevate your app's aesthetics with a custom UI design session, tailored to your vision.
– Designing every screen detail.
– Tailoring graphic elements.
– Building interactive prototypes
Finally, jump on a session with our no-code and pro-developers and make your app live.
– Mobile App
– Web and desktop App
– No-code, pro-code development


We’ve been pro-coding for 20+ years. We know that it could be long and pricey. And definitely not startup-friendly. With no-code, we build MVPs at the cost of a dinner for two.
20+ years in pro-coding
Atlanta Tech Village
Own startups
Result or full refund

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We gathered the team of different specialists you may need. No more searching for developers - focus on your idea!
Andrew Tabit
Andrew Tabit
Technical Advisor
Erik Alibutaiev
Erik Alibutaiev
Hlib Sidiakin
Hlib Sidiakin
Project Manager Lead
Iryna Lebedieva
Iryna Lebedieva
UX/UI Designer Lead

Process & Pricing

With our team, you can work with short iterations, even if it's just 1 hour in real-time. This allows you to have a full control over your budget.
Per hour
Our goal is to make hypothesis testing and MVP creation more accessible. Working with our team, you'll get an hour of any specialist's time for just $35.

MVP for $500! How does it work?

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Orientation Session
Free session
At this stage, our primary objective is to define the project's requirements. Through prototyping, user stories, and other tools, we'll outline the operational logic of your upcoming MVP.
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Brainstorming on your idea
1 hour = $35
We'll help you refine the concept of your MVP idea. Using lean startup methodology, we'll strip away the unnecessary to quickly reach your early adopters.
Shaping and Scoping
2 hours = $70
At this stage, our primary objective is to define the project's requirements. Through prototyping, user stories, and other tools, we'll outline the operational logic of your upcoming MVP.
Designing your application
4 hours = $140
Next, you'll collaborate with our designers. Together, you'll focus on the visual elements of your application - colors, fonts, illustrations, to make your MVP more appealing to your audience.
Developing  your MVP
7 hours = $245
And finally, our developers step in. Modern low-code/no-code platforms and various integrations enable us to significantly reduce the time for technical implementation.
Your MVP is done
Total price: $500

Tehnology toolbox

No - code / Low - code
Mobile development
UX/UI Design
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Chat GPT
And many more

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